Here is an update from the Blokart International Team on the next event 2016, and future of the event going forward.
Hi to all,
We are going to change the way future blokart world championship events are managed.  We will be posting more detail publicly soon but we wanted to give a  you a heads up in advance regarding the development of the “One Design” class of blokart sailing.  Not necessarily because of any club or association affiliation but because of your commitment to see the community grow.
Going forward from now, including the up coming “2016 Blokart World Championships”,   blokart international will be directing the event management for any blokart world championship events. We see that for the “blokart sailing” class to achieve its full potential we need a greater level of governance and consistency from event to event.  The only way to achieve this is to have consistent management from event to event.   Regarding the three key parties involved in the running events to date, all will still have their roles.  These roles and responsibilities will be clarified and in some places adjusted. -IBRA focus going forward will  be better organized in terms of administering,  updating and communicating the rules where required and at events will provide the scrutinizing and protests panels. -The host club will be responsible for securing the chosen venue and all necessary permits, as well as hosting all social aspects of the events, and helping out with volunteers for various roles. -BIL will be the event manager and take responsibility for all  communication, confirming selection of venue, release of information by set dates, PR, sponsorship , race timing etc. (these tasks will be done in consultation with the host and IBRA committee) Each group will be able to request volunteer / assistance from the others where necessary in the interest of achieving the best result for all stakeholders.
We expect future event locations will be confirmed 3 years in advance (not as is currently happening straight after the last event- although this next one will need to be that short by default)   So we will confirm where the location of the 2016 event shortly.  We have had discussions with a couple of parties prior the recent worlds and expect we can confirm the 2016 venue in the next 6 – 8 weeks.
 2018 will be decided end of 2015, 2020 will be decided end of 2017,and so on.    We plan to have complete details we can publish within the next few weeks with the” hosting criteria” and the timeline which will be on the worlds website (in brief terms) outlining details like;  To bid you must have the approved venue permits secured etc. with details of, time of year,  weather patterns,  social activities,  venues, accommodation availability etc.  
Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.  Kind regards, Matt