Order Help

This page explains how to use the blokart worlds shop to enter a sailor in the Spanish Open and Blokart Worlds event. Click images to view larger.

1. First go to the shop page here.

2. Click on Spanish Open 2018 item.

3. Next fill out the form and click add to kart at the end.

4. If the form has been completed correctly, you should get a message that the item has been added to the cart as below.

5. If not it will display an error message at the top of the page.

6. Next return the shop and add the blokart worlds event in a similar manner to the Spanish Open. A 30 euro discount will be applied as both the Spanish Open and Blokart Worlds are being entered at the same time.

7. If you require a transponder – return to the shop and click to hire a transponder. Transponder hire is valid one or both events. Note a 75 euro deposit is required at registration.

8. Please note that the Tapas dinner is included with the worlds entry!

9. Therefore only a ticket to the worlds prize giving dinner is required to be purchased.

10. Click the view cart button or the cart icon at the top right of the site.

11. Next review your cart to confirm that it correct. You can delete items or adjust quantities if required. Click proceed to checkout when cart is correct.

12. On the checkout page, first please fill out your billing details.

13. Return to the top of the page and then you can apply your pre-registration coupon or any special coupons.

14. Finally you have two choices on how to pay – Credit card securely with Stripe, or direct bank transfer.
14 a. First to pay with stripe, click the Credit Card (Stripe) radio button. The page will scroll to top as it has to apply the stripe 3% surcharge. Then enter your credit card details and check the click the place order  button.
14 b. If paying by direct bank transfer just click the Place Order button.

15. On successful placement of the order, you will be taken to the order received page.
. If you do not get to this page your order has not been accepted!

15 a.If you do not end up at the order received page – check for error messages at the top of the screen on checkout page. Your credit card is not billed unless you get to the order received page. 

16. On a successful order you should get a confirmation email as below.

17. If you have any changes or issues please email