2024 Blokart Worlds Entry

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Notice of Race

Please read the notice of race for more information about this event and the options below.

USBLM rules for use of Ivanpah Dry Lake.

A separate entry form needs to be completed for each competitor.

Competitor Details

Your legal first and middle name(s)

Youth entries please enter your age on the 6 April 2024. Adults please leave blank or 0.

A T Shirt is included with Worlds entry. See here for sizing details.

Event Entry

The entry fee for the 2024 Blokart World Championships is INCLUSIVE of;
• An Event T-shirt
• Track access fees for racing and official practice times
• Transponder Hire

The following optional items can be purchased separately;
• NABSC Awards and Worlds Welcome Dinner
• Blokart Worlds Awards Dinner
• Extra Dinners for partners and supporters
• Blokart chassis rental
• Other event apparel
• Dinners

The following items are not included in the entry fee;
• Blokart equipment, consumables, and spares
• Transport and accommodation costs
• All beverages and any additional food including lunches

A separate entry form needs to be completed for each competitor.

You must belong to an IBRA Member Association, or you can join NABSA for USD$35 for a single, or USD$50 for a family membership.

All fees in USD. North American Blokart Sailing Championship = NABSC

Please select class. Refer IBRA rules for Production and Performance kart specifications. Dual Entries are not permitted.

Your expected weight for the event as per IBRA rules A4 and A5 in Kilograms (kg). Pounds to kg Calculator


Volunteers will be needed to assist with running of the event in a number of areas. Please indicate which areas you are prepared to offer assistance.

* A Roster will be provided once the race schedule is known.  It is intended that the roster will ensure you are not on marshalling duty in the race immediately preceding your race. 

Disclaimer *

All competitors as a condition of entry must accept the following waiver.

WAIVER: In consideration for the right to participate in this event, I hereby hold the event organizers, committee, and any person associated with the event harmless and release them from any and all liability in connection with my participation in the 2024 Blokart World Championships and 2024 North American Blokart Championships. I further agree that the event may use without restriction any photograph, films or tapes in which I may appear for any purpose whatsoever.

I have read and understood the event Notice of racepublished on the Blokart World Championships website.

I have read and agree to the USBLM rules for use of Ivanpah Dry Lake.

I agree if I do not return the transponder, I will be invoiced for the replacement cost at USD$100 per transponder.

Please note: By agreeing (or on behalf of a participant less than eighteen (18) years old, the parent / guardian) expressly agrees to the above. In agreeing to this waiver, I am stating; I have read it and understand it.

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