Event Apparel

The event apparel is now available in the online store.

Go to www.blokartworlds.com and take a look.

 All orders will need to be in by August 15th. After this time the online store will close for apparel orders.

We do not have an option for shipping the garments so everything must be collected at the event.

If you are not attending but would like to order please ensure you have arranged someone to collect on your behalf.

All entries will receive an event t-shirts as part of their subscription.


Closing Dinner Tickets

Now we are getting closer to the event we want to give our caterers a better indication of numbers. We have a lot of tickets already sold for competitors but not so much for partners.

If you have not yet purchased your meal ticket for yourself and / or your partner please, please email  so we can add your name to the list.

This is not confirming your order, it is just to help with our planning.

2ndchance entries

Early Entries have now closed.  We are aware that some people are still to enter and missed the date for cut-off.

 We have extended the early price until 1st July if you enter the coupon code 2ndchance  you will receive the original early bird discounted price.

Rental Chassis

There are still some rental chassis available for those who may prefer to rent rather than bring your own.  For details please contact  directly.

Transport and Accommodation Help

For anyone unsure of coming still or in need of assistance finding accommodation and / or transport options please feel free to contact us for help.