About IBRA

International Blokart Racing Association

The IBRA Committee’s function is to provide blokart competitors with a fair playing field around the world when racing. This is to be done via a set of rules known as the IBRA Rules which will be communicated to its associate members.

Member Associations

IBRA has the following member associations as of March 2017:

Association Active Membership IBRA Votes
Australian Blokart Association (ABA)  125 2
European Blokart Association (EBA) 240 2
North American Blokart Sailing Association (NABSA) 90 1
New Zealand Blokart Association Inc (NZBAI) 226 2

Voting rights are proportional to membership as per the IBRA Agreement Revision 2 (PDF). Blokart International as manufacturer is also entitled to a voting representative.

The IBRA Committee

The current IBRA committee for 2017 / 18 is:

Representative Association Role
Barry Cole NZBAI President
Jan Marques EBA Secretary
Tim Vance ABA
Darren Bianchi ABA
Jim Nordhaus NABSA
Levente Csaszar EBA
Paul Beckett Blokart International Ltd Manufacturer
Ian Timperley NZBAI

Please contact one of these representatives via your association if you have any questions regarding the IBRA.

The IBRA Agreement

The founding associations of IBRA, being;
Australian Blokart Association (ABA)
European Blokart Association (EBA)
North American Blokart Sailing Association (NABSA), and
New Zealand Blokart Association Inc (NZBAI)

have all signed to the IBRA agreement which covers the IBRA’s mandated role in our sport. You can download a copy of the agreement below:

IBRA Agreement Revision 2 (PDF)