IBRA Sailing Rules

International Blokart Racing Association Blokart Sailing Rules

Edition 9 of the IBRA Rules

The IBRA rules have been updated following a period of consultation and input from competitors from around the world. Issues and discrepancies identified during that process have been tidied up in the latest Edition. Edition 9 rules will come into effect at events from 1 January 2024 until 31st December 2025, after which it may be updated or re-released.

  • Only minor changes and corrections have been made to these rules from the previous Edition. Significant edits are highlighted by a line in the left-hand margin. No changes have been made to the sailing rules in Part E. The changes do include some minor corrections and updates to the protest procedures in Part G, the protest flow chart in Appendix D1, and protest and redress forms in Appendix E and F.

Disabled Sailors Modification Pre-approval Procedure

Disabled blokart competitors may seek a pre-approval certificate for modifications required to enable them to compete, as allowed for in Rule B.9.4.
These pre-approval certificates will outline the modification in detail and can be presented to the scrutineers at any IBRA sanctioned event (or those sanctioned by an IBRA member Association and their Clubs)
All competitors seeking a pre-approval certificate must also provide proof of their disability, either by way of a medical certificate / doctors letter, or a statement / card etc issued granting disability benefits (eg: disabled car parking permit)
  • Name
  • Club
  • Association
  • Class: (production or performance)
  • Description of disability
  • Proof of disability
  • Description of modification required to mitigate the disability
  • Photographs of modification required (if available).