Primm Room Booking

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Primm Room Booking

Postby Frangram » Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:22 am

Note on Primm Lodging for Worlds;
The date for the Lodging on the Primm Valley/ Primm site starts Sat. April 2, and run for 14 days, Fri. April 15. The way their computer is set up they can not do more than a 14 day booking Lodging for the Worlds.If you are arriving before 4/2 you will have to make 2 reservations using the group code. This will be much easier to do by phone than on line in the US. International Guest should use the Primm web site and make 2 separate bookings if you stay is extending before or after April 2 to April 15. If you book on line make sure you use Primm's web site to get the group rate. Go to the Blokart World Championships
site to get lodging information..
Primm Information; Promo code SVB0402 Call 888-774-6668
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Re: Primm Room Booking

Postby Frangram » Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:38 am

I just booked my room. Definitely easier to do on the phone. Dates that reservations can be booked from arriving on March 30.
International people may be able to call using Skype, the operator will only speak English and possibly know Spanish. :(

NABSA have once again struck an amazing deal with Primm Valley Resorts for competitors in the 2016 worlds.

Using the group discount code of SVB0402, competitors can access great rates for their accommodation.

Call in reservations are open, but online reservations will be delayed as they are upgrading their res net system.

Room Reservations 888-774-6668

Online Reservations here

When the online system is working it should show the following rates:

Sunday to Thursday nights = US$37 per night (Primm Valley Resorts) / US$32 per night (Buffalo Bills)

Friday & Saturday nights = US$80 per night (Primm Valley Resorts) / US$70 per night (Buffalo Bills)

For those who remember the 2012 worlds, Primm Valley Resorts is the same hotel the registration, welcome and presentation dinners were held, and the same hotel that most competitors stayed in.

For first time visitors to Ivanpah. This hotel offers a large number of mid level hotel rooms, restaurants, and is linked to the outlet shopping mall.

Buffalo Bills is the hotel next door that looks like a giant barn… it is a little lower level than Primm Valley Resorts.

With NABSA planning happy hours each night after racing, out on the playa, and the large range of things to do in and around Las Vegas, its pretty much a place to rest your head each night only… but it does offer so much more for those who want it.
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