Shortened pulley whips (5.5 specifically)

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Re: Shortened pulley whips (5.5 specifically)

Postby Trevor_606 » Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:56 am

The problem you've got with the 5.5 on a glass mast is it was never designed to be used with such a bendy mast. I had one of the first 5.5's in NZ and got a fully carbon mast to set it on as that's what Paul said I needed (as I slowly moved to a full performance kart).

Then others outside NZ wanted to not have the cost of a new mast so in production made the rules so you could not use a carbon mast. To be honest I'm surprised the glass mast does not break a testament on how well kilwell make the masts. My windsurfer mast made by them in comparison is so stiff if I cut it down and put it on a blokart it wouldn't bend at all you would break the boom pocket first.

BUT it is one design so it's equally bad for everybody.

If you don't like it buy a pod a real mast and sail performance, it's warmer and drier :-)
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Re: Shortened pulley whips (5.5 specifically)

Postby K100 » Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:37 pm

I would go down the performance route but the mast alone is prohibitively expensive in Europe. I can see Blokart prices in NZ, Aus and the USA which is frustrating to Europeans, is it VAT or EU important tax that bumps the price up?

Where I sail I've seen carbon masts breaking on a regular basis but I've never seen a glass mast fail, surely it's flexibility is the one saving grace when it comes to durability? As for your windsurf mast, I'm sure any glass mast could be stiff if the wall section was thick enough but (as you said) the BIL glass mast was never designed for such a big sail so it just doesn't work very well.
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Re: Shortened pulley whips (5.5 specifically)

Postby Smokin' » Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:32 am

Interesting discussion. I wouldn't worry about the wrinkles. I always call them speed wrinkles, makes you faster because of the fullness in the sail, essential for lighter wind sailing. In heavier wind you can take these out with more downhaul. Everyone likes to shorten the pulleywhip but this is not always an advantage in lighter airs because you are closing up the leech of the sail. Choking the sail is like putting on the handbrake. In heavier wind and with fibreglass masts it probably doesn't make a lot of difference, the wind will open the leech anyway. I have a range of pulleywhips which I will use, longer in really light conditions, going to 400 in other conditions, mainly so if I split the tip then I can cut it off and still be legal.
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