The IBRA rules have been updated following a period of consultation and input from competitors from around the world. Issues and discrepancies identified during that process have been tidied up in the latest Edition. Edition 8 rules will come into effect at events from 1 January 2022 until approximately December 2023, after which a new edition of the rules may be published or this edition extended. The following are some of the changes included;
  • A statement added to reinforce that the rules are intended to be used in their entirety and without changes for all blokart events, with changes only permitted when needed to address location specific safety concerns.
  • The penalty points for disqualification have been increased to differentiate from the penalties for lesser infringements, and the scoring approach standardized for single day events, regattas and race series.
  • Some minor changes have been made to the equipment rules, including; permitting the new BIL branded tires to be used tubeless, allowing the use of tire sealant to help prevent punctures, and a new rule limiting the level of deformation permitted in the blokart chassis where this could provide an advantage
Edition 8 of the Rules can be downloaded here: IBRA Rules Edition 8 – Published October 2021, effective from 1st January 2022. Edition 8 Approved Equipment List can be downloaded here: IBRA_approved_accessories_list_edition_8v01. We expect edition 9 rules to be released in late 2023 in preparation for the 2024 Blokart World Championships.