Travel To Ivanpah (Primm, NV) Location: 31900 South Las Vegas Blvd. Primm, NV On the California- Nevada border, off Interstate I15 (exit #1), 37 miles from Las Vegas and 243 miles from Los Angeles.
Primm Valley Resort The Primm Valley Resort complex is hard to miss, it is on the same side of the I15 highway as the roller coaster at Buffalo Bills and the outlet shopping mall. Our hotel for the event is Buffalo Bills, which contains a hotel, casino, Bars, restaurants and a Pool. It’s the ideal place to socialize with your fellow competitors. Note: There are no refrigerators or coffee pots in the hotel rooms.
Completing your ESTA for entry to the US When completing your travel documentation to enter the USA (ESTA) you will need a contact person in the USA and the address you will be staying. If you do not have a contact person, you can use NABSA VP: Francis Gramkowski Jr, 30 West End Ave, Haddonfield, NJ 08033. Ph 609-314-3429 If staying at the hotel, the address is: PRIMM VALLEY RESORT AND CASINO 31900 SOUTH LAS VEGAS BLVD. PRIMM, NV. 89019 Ph 1-702-386-7867
Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed Ivanpah is a dry Lake bed approximately covering 3 x7 mile area, considered to be one of the best landsailing locations in the world. It has been set aside exclusively for the use of non motorized vehicles, except for entry and exiting. The United States Bureau of Land Management strictly manages the site. To get out to the dry lakebed, drive along the road behind the Primm Valley Resort and the Outlet shopping mall. As you wrap around the shopping mall you will see a sign posted gate. Drive through the gate and out onto the lake edge. Follow the lake edge road (marked with 3-foot-high brown posts either side of the road every 300 feet) until you get to the camp site. Please observe the 30mph speed limit and stick to the road. If there are any wet spots in the roadway go around them. DO NOT DRIVE ON THE LAKEBED OUTSIDE THE MARKED ROAD. Temperatures can vary from possibly 80f (27c) in the day to almost freezing overnight. If you plan on staying out after sunset be prepared to layer-up, esp after spending the day in the sun. You are responsible for removing all your own trash from Ivanpah. Walk to the brush area on the edge of the lake to drain your cooler.
Phone Service Ivanpah’s location right off off I15 has excellent cell service for phone and Wi-Fi. Phone and Wi-Fi service is usually good on major highways but you can sometimes loose coverage in rural areas.
Storage of Karts and Equipment There will be a number of people camping at the venue overnight. It will be possible to leave your kart in the rigging area overnight, however there will not be official security so anything left will be at your own risk. Please take all other equipment with you, or store in a vehicle overnight. Please ensure that your Kart cannot roll or blow away in the potentially strong winds. We suggest removing one of your rear wheels and tying the front wheels of a group of Karts together. Please also ensure that any club, national or sponsors flags are taken down each night as these too, have been known to blow away overnight.
Spares & Tools Most competitors who drive to the event will have tools that they will let you use if you ask nicely. NABSA will have two CO2 air systems set-up in their trailer to use when you need help mounting a new Tubeless Tire. Blokart will also have a parts store at the event if you forget or break something.
THE CAMPSITE For those staying on the playa, the campsite is located close to the event site. Please do not leave any rubbish lying around to prevent it blowing away. It is your responsibility to take ALL of your rubbish with you. All fires must be in a fire box. There are no RV facilities on the Lake or in Primm. The closest RV dump site is almost to Las Vegas.
Supplies & Grocery Shopping Primm has a small corner store only. Its hours are 10am–7pm and has a very limited selection…and significantly higher prices! There are a number of fast-food outlets around the outside of outlet mall and also within the casinos. Most people buy a cooler to keep in their car for cold drinks and snacks. Las Vegas has several Big Box stores and Supermarkets. Target & Kohl’s – 4100 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89139. Costco – 3411 St Rose Pkwy Trail, Henderson, NV 89052 Albertsons (groceries) 7975 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89178 We recommend that you stock up here if traveling from Las Vegas, or if traveling back to Las Vegas from Primm for more supplies, which is about a 45 minute drive. If traveling from Los Angeles, we recommend stopping at in at Barstow for supplies (exit 184b off I-15). There is also a good outlet mall in Barstow (Exit 178), which also has an In-N-Out Burger! Gas-up in Barstow as it’ll be the cheapest before Las Vegas.
Recommended Supplies Goggles Buff Dust Mask Sun Screen Lip Balm Skin Moisturizer Sun Hat Water/Beverages Lunch Food Cooler Chair
ROOM RESERVATIONS Primm Valley Resort & Buffalo Bills Hotel Reservations can only be made by phone. To secure rooms, call 1-888-386-7867 between 8am & 8pm Pacific Standard Time. You will be required to guarantee your room by credit card. Attendees must reserve rooms with reference to the GROUP CODE – SVNAB24 but no later than Friday March 22, 2024. Should anyone require additional rooms after this deadline, we will do our utmost to accommodate such requests, but will be based on availability and rate at the time of the call.
Rental Kart Collection Those who are renting a Kart can collect them from 10am to 12noon April 3rd. Ash will be located in the rear parking lot of the Primm Valley Casino, near the gate/entrance to the Lake. Then from 1pm to 5pm on the Lake in the event Village. Then 6pm to 9pm by arrangement (call Ash) Ash will be contactable via email /" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl=""> or his NZ mobile +64 21 652230