Welcome to the third of our regular Newsletters leading up to the 2024 Blokart World Championships. Over the coming months we will share useful information related to the event and the surrounding area.

Key Event Dates

NABSA Racing: 6-7 April Worlds Racing:  9-12 April Many of you will have already sailed at Ivanpah so the quality of the lake as a race venue needs no introduction. For anyone who has not sailed there before, it is a ‘bucket list location’ and really worth the trip!

Early Entry Prize

We have had indications from well over 100 sailors who expect to be entering, but less than half registered. The sooner we have an indication of numbers the easier it becomes for planning & budgeting…so we are introducing an Early Entry Prize. All entries received (and paid) before 31st December 2023 will go into the draw for a New Blokart Slider POD. The winner will be drawn at the event and the POD will be shipped to the winner to save additional baggage for their return trip home. These are the best odds you will have of winning something on your trip to Las Vegas so PLEASE get your entry in now!!! https://blokartworlds.com/product/2024-blokart-worlds-entry/

Worlds Rental Karts

For those who have registered for a rental chassis you should have received an email by now with details. Incase you have not received it, some of the key information is as follows; We have allocated more Karts than we had forecasted, which adds to the transport logistics, and we are still receiving inquiries from competitors wanting to rent a Kart. If you are no longer able to make the trip, PLEASE confirm ASAP so we can allocate your Kart to others. Invoices for the US$400 Rental fee and parts orders will be sent out 20th Nov for payment by Dec 1st, when we will be sea freighting the Karts & Parts Orders to USA. Note: Outstanding Kart Rental invoices might mean that your kart will not be shipped or be allocated to another competitor. Karts will be available for collection on the evening of April 3rd (in the parking lot around the back of the Primm Valley Resort, near the entrance to the Lake…but this will be confirmed closer to the time) or on April 4th from the event HQ on the Playa.

Parts Orders

All competitors registered by 10th Nov will have the opportunity to order Parts and Accessories for delivery at the event, which is another good reason to get your entry in. This should help lighten baggage weights for travel. Prices will be based on US retail with Free Shipping to the event. Invoices will be sent out 20th Nov for payment by Dec 1st, when we will be sea freighting the Karts & Parts Orders to USA.

Other Sailing Locations

For those of you wanting to spend more time in the USA and travel around before or after the event with their Kart. A sailing location worth serious consideration is Red Lake, located near Kingman AZ which is just 2hrs 15min from Ivanpah. For more information contact Drew & Micki at Airtoyz Wind Sportz, Blokart Dealers located on Red Lake. /" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl="https://www.google.com/url?q=http://drew@airtoyz.com&source=gmail&ust=1703725557400000&usg=AOvVaw1FFOuY25egAt_NZMZfkKYd">

Information Sharing

We occasionally hear from potential competitors who are not aware of the details in the Worlds Newsletter‘s. We share the Newsletter 3 ways; 1. Direct mail to previous competitors and people who have registered for the event 2. Share a link on the worlds Facebook page 3. Upload to the worlds website. Beyond this there is not a lot more we can directly do to contact people. If you know someone who may be interested in the Blokart Worlds and may not be getting these newsletters, please share this with them so they can register on the home page of the Worlds website. https://blokartworlds.com/
Safe Travels! See you soon.