Welcome to the second of our regular Newsletters leading up to the 2024 Blokart World Championships. Over the coming months we will share useful information related to the event and the surrounding area with this one mainly focusing on accommodation suggestions, but also a couple of other things for you to be aware of.

Key Event Dates

  • Track available for practice: 2-5 April
  • NABSA Racing: 6-7 April
  • Worlds Racing:  9-12 April
Many of you will have already sailed at Ivanpah so the quality of the lake as a race venue needs no introduction. For anyone who has not sailed there before, it is a ‘bucket list location’ and really worth the trip!

Entries are open

The NOR is now online at https://blokartworlds.com/2024-worlds-notice-of-race/ and entries are open at https://blokartworlds.com/product/2024-blokart-worlds-entry/ 

Early entries are already rolling in which is great. If you are planning on attending we would encourage you to get your entry in. It helps us with planning details etc.

Worlds Rental Karts

Blokart International are making available a limited number of rental karts for the 2024 World Championships, WHICH WILL NOW BE AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION FROM THE EVENING OF APRIL 3RD allowing 2 practice days before the US Nationals… or by prior arrangement with Ash. The rental chassis are nearly fully allocated for the world champs. If you are interested, contact Ash ASAP. For those who have committed to a rental chassis, payment is due mid-December prior to our shipment leaving.  This is also the cutoff for ordering parts/spares to be delivered to the event…more details on this will follow in future newsletters. If you have missed out on a rental chassis, please feel free to send us your details so we can put you on a waiting to try and connect you with a local who may have a spare Kart that you can use. To reserve your Kart, please contact Ash by email ()


We have numerous accommodation options available. Since COVID, the booking process has changed a little and dates are not yet showing on the booking websites but will be live later in the year.  

Primm Valley Resort

Primm Valley Resort is typically seen as the ‘nicer’ of the 3 hotels which are attached to the Dry Lake bed and is the most popular accommodation for participants. Although bookings are not yet open for Primm Valley Resorts, we expect that they will be available later in the year.  We will post details on this as soon as they open.  

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills is a popular overflow for Primm Valley Resort and is a little more lively on the weekends.  

Whiskey Petes

We suggest you try the other options first…  


Renting an RV for the 2024 Worlds at Ivanpah is a great option vs getting a hotel or AirBnB. It’s easy to rent an RV from Cruise America at this website which provides rentals in nearby Las Vegas or also Los Angeles: https://www.cruiseamerica.com/ Renting an RV total cost is around the same as getting a rental car and a hotel. While you may not have the freedom of simple evening car drives to restaurants or other needs, you do have the pleasure of enjoying the playa 24/7 with its spectacular sunrises/sunsets and cool evenings. The Las Vegas Cruise America RV rental depot is at 551 N. Gibson Rd in Henderson, NV which is around a 20 minute cab/Uber ride from the airport. If flying internationally there is potentially a stand down period before being able to collect and RV and you may need to spend an evening at a nearby hotel, like Sunset Station www.sunsetstation.com  

When staying in an RV at Ivanpah, here are some useful tips/info:

  • The larger the RV you rent from Cruise America, the cheaper they are. The larger one’s get worse gas mileage and are a bit more to handle in small parking lots, but if you’re only driving from Vegas to the playa, the large 30′ is the way to go so you have ample room inside and there is plenty of room on the playa for any size RV.
  • International visitors get a discount at Cruise America compared to US citizen rentals
  • Last year we paid ~$1100 for a 9 night rental including 160mi of driving allowance (only 45mi to Las Vegas each way)
  • The basic RV comes with no amenities, so you either have to plan a trip to WalMart (nearby rental place in Vegas) to get sheets/pillows/etc. or you can rent those items from CruiseAmerica with the RV.
  • You should plan to buy water in jugs vs. use the RV tank water for drinking water
  • The RV will get dusty staying on the playa and you must clean it before return so be sure to have cleaning supplies rented or bought
  • The RV’s have a propane fridge, but it’s best to have your own cooler for daily cool drinks so you don’t open/close the fridge too often
  • You will have to buy all your own food/drink after picking up the RV for your entire stay as there are very limited supplies close to the playa, or plan a provisioning trip mid-stay
  • When camping on the Ivanpah playa, you MUST adhere to the BLM rules which are very strict and include things like no dumping of any wastewater (grey or black) and no open fires on the playa surface (ok to have a fire in a raised fire pit). You must also look under your vehicle for potential tortoise before departing.
  • The company that services the portable toilets on the playa for the Blokart event also offers pump out services of RV’s if you book a few days in advance. Race organizers will know there schedule of when they are coming to service the toilets so you can plan on that if required.  Generally, you can use the porta-john units for the Blokart event for most of your business and only use the RV toilet when necessary in evenings. It is possible for two people to not get a pump out for an entire week if you don’t use the RV toilets or showers very much.
  • It is common for folks staying in RV’s on the playa to connect with friends in the nearby hotel to share the hotel shower for a day or two vs using the small RV shower (and using water).

Air BnB

A number of people are booking Air BnB in the nearby town of Henderson.  If you search Henderson NV there are plenty of options on there to consider.
Airbnb Henderson Holiday Rentals

Safe Travels! See you soon.