This month we bring to you some of the best blokart photos we have on file…. along with some great tips on starting better, followed by a quick update from the worlds committee on the organization of the 2016 event. Are now just 16 months away from the start of the 2016 worlds, The Notice of Race will be published soon and entries will be open in the second half of 2015. If you have any topic you would like us to explore, or have an article you would like to print in this newsletter, email or ask in the forum. This Month 1. Starting Techniques 2. Worlds Committee Update 3. Blokart Porn…. the best blokart images we have seen   1. Starting Techniques Starts in most sports is by way of a grid, either stationary or rolling, where acceleration and position in to the first corner are paramount. What makes sailing (including blokart sailing) unique is that we jostle for position during a timed pre-start sequence rather than lining up in a preset grid position. How do we do this effectively, and get the best start we can, comes down to 3 key ingredients. * Clean Air * Speed * Timing Ranking the above, in order of importance, you can’t get speed without clean air, you can be right  on time, but thats hopeless without speed…. so clean air is king. To get clean air we must sail the pre-start in such a way to keep from being trapped below or behind someone, remembering that the sailing rules apply from the moment the countdown starts (not the start gun). Use the rules to defend your clean air, but not at the cost of speed. Using the rules to keep clean air: * Don’t let someone barge over the top of you on the start line, remember windward kart must keep clear * Don’t put yourself in a position where a kart to leeward of you can squeeze you up head to wind… above close hauled with the sails flapping is not clean air even with no one to windward of you.
Start Super Heavy Weights, Perth 2014

Start Super Heavy Weights, Perth 2014 – Photo: Russell Harray (C)

Next comes speed, crossing the line below your target speed means you have to do all your acceleration after the start, all the while the others are already and full speed and creeping away from you (or blasting away if you are really slow). How do you create speed? * Sailing angles in the pre-start that build speed, avoiding those that slow you down * Ensure there is no one directly to leeward of you in the final approach to the start line so that you can bear away and build speed * Ensure you have clean air so you can sail more efficiently Finally timing is important, but not as critical as most would think. It is often better to be 2 seconds late, but going at full speed and with clean air, avoiding the carnage right on the line. Getting your timing right: * Do consistent pre-start maneuvers, that you can time so you reach the start line at regular intervals (e.g. 30 seconds) then shorten or lengthen the maneuver so you get to the start line at the right time. * In light winds don’t get too far away from the line, this is so you don’t get caught late if the wind drops   You can practice your timing with a piece of rope on the ground and a 2 minute countdown, circle around aiming to hit the top right on the zero of the count.   2. Worlds Committee Update The NABSA committee preparing to host the world championships in 2016 are in full swing, David Midgley and his team are hard at work to help deliver a more social experience than ever before. The 2016 event will feature 2 dinners as previous events had, but also an organized happy hour every evening after racing. Daily spot prizes, and awards will be presented at the happy hour, highlighting some of the achievements of the day. The committee is determined to improve upon the village atmosphere of 2012, by bringing the teams together throughout the day in one combined rigging area and under one tent. The BIL team, responsible for the racing side of the event have been canvassing some of the worlds most experienced sailors, both at the competitive end of the fleet and the more social end of the fleet to provide fast, action packed, fair racing. Spectator involvement in the racing will be a big feature of the 2016 event as will an improved media presence. Here are just a few of the areas the organizers are focused on: * Happy Hours each afternoon after racing * Daily awards and spot prizes at the happy hour * Better village feel in the rigging area & main tent * More versatile courses allowing racing to start in a wider range of wind conditions * Better spectator viewing * Increased presence in the media and on social media * Introduction of a Lay-day during the worlds event
The social atmosphere at the 2016 worlds will be a focus of the organisers - Photo: Steve Irby (C)

The social atmosphere at the 2016 worlds will be a focus of the organisers – Photo: Steve Irby (C)

3. Blokart Porn We have scoured our files and found some great shots we thought we would share with you guys from previous events…. enjoy
Paul Beckett in DEEP - Photo: Tony Smith (C)

Paul Beckett in DEEP – Photo: Tony Smith (C)

Ivanpah near sunset - Photo: Geoff Sobering (c)

Ivanpah near sunset – Photo: Geoff Sobering (c)

Santi Oliver Ivanpah 2012 - Photo: Steve Irby (c)

Santi Oliver Ivanpah 2012 – Photo: Steve Irby (c)

Photographer Unknown

Photographer Unknown

Somewhere in QLD, Australia - Photo: Tim Wootton (c)

Somewhere in QLD, Australia – Photo: Tim Wootton (c)

Matt Beckett Vs Lieven Marques - Photo: Steve Irby (c)

Matt Beckett Vs Lieven Marques – Photo: Steve Irby (c)

Next Update December 2014 1. Ivanpah 2015… Training Trip Anyone ?? 2. IBRA Rules, where to find the rules, interpretations etc.