The IBRA rules edition 5 are now complete…. After extensive consultation between the associations via their appointed IBRA reps the new rules are published, along with the approved accessories list. You can download both the Rules and the accessories list from the IBRA page of the worlds website. Here is a brief explanation of some of the changes. Edition 5 rules issued in July, 2015, will be in effect from 1 January 2016 until approximately December 2017, after which a new edition of the rule may be published or this edition extended.
The following are some of the changes included;
  • Definitions Section added. Where there is a definition of a term the term is in italics within the rule.
  • Generic blokart parts such as pulleys and cleats now may be replaced with another generic part from your local shop rather than from blokart International Ltd. The part must be of the same size, and quality.
  • IBRA interpretations 001 to 004 are now integrated into the rules
  • The adjustment of side struts and their attachment to the chassis to alter mast rake is prohibited
  • The use of Adhesive tape on parts is expanded to allow o Plastic tube to stop the downhaul hook falling off o Plastic tube to hold the seat belt clip upright and in place. o Preventative taping of mast sections to avoid a split (100mm long only)
  • Plastic ferrules are allowed in both classes on the mainsheet guide webbing straps on the foot of the sail.
  • Sail battens may be modified (reduce thickness) in both classes.
  • Finger battens are limited to 2 between full-length battens, including the BIL standard finger battens.
  • Tyre sizes are now specified as a total wheel diameter tolerance
  • A double pulley can now be inserted into the production downhaul system at the lower attachment point instead of rigging through the mast ring.
  • Downhauls may only be attached to the tack ring of the sail
  • Safety equipment has been expanded.
  • Right of way rules updated and organised into sections to make them easier to learn. New competitors can learn the rules in section order and be safe on the course after learning just the first section, then become proficient on the rules after learning the subsequent sections.
  • Fundamental right of way rules updated to generic terminology so as to aid learning.
  • Mark rounding and obstruction rules updated to make them safer and more easily interpreted
  • Starting procedures updated
  • Penalty section updated with the philosophy of penalty being disqualification, and a competitor may exonerate the penalty by completing a 360 degree turn
  • Protest procedure updated and appendix with a protest procedure flow chart has been added.
  • Standard scoring system added.
  • Disqualifications must be carried in the point score, promoting competitors to accept responsibility. Competitors may retire during the mediation stage of the protest procedure.
  • Default weight categories added to part A,
  •  Weigh in procedure added to part A, competitors are not to wear shoes, and a common 1.5kg allowance for shoes and other safety gear is to be added to the competitors weight, the purpose of which is to avoid a competitor weighing in wearing light or heavy shoes and safety equipment in order to change their weight and then race with different safety gear.
Notes: 1. This is not an exhaustive list, it is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they have read and understood the rules contained in this edition. 2. Note that carbon masts remain prohibited in the production class