Its been a few weeks now since the announcement of the 2016 Blokart World Championships to be held on the dry lake of Ivanpah, USA. As part of keeping the blokart community better informed with what is going on in the lead up to the event we will be regularly publishing this newsletter update.

You can also head over to the forum, where you can discuss topics like, the surface, the accommodation, what to see and do, and much much more.

This issue:

1. Draft Event Schedule.
2. Update from NABSA
3. Things to do around Ivanpah – For kids.
4. Key internet bookmarks.

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1. Draft Event Schedule.

After the 2012 and 2014 world championships we ran a competitors survey, in order to better understand what the competitors want, thus helping to shape the future of the event.

One of the key responses involved the event schedule, competitors wanted a balance between racing, training, sightseeing and social activities. We have tried to address this with the draft schedule allowing for a number of different combinations to allow for all levels of competitor from the ultra competitive racer to the casual participant who enjoys the social scene the event brings and the sight-seeing opportunities. Whilst on paper the event looks long, running 11 days, in actual fact there is ample time off from racing, two different start dates and a full weekend at either end for travel to and from the event, or for those getting their post regatta vacation started.

The NABSA Warrior

The NABSA Warrior

Day 1 – Monday 4 April – North American Blokart Sailing Championships (NABSC) registration, followed by welcome Cook-out hosted by NABSA
Day 2 – Tuesday 5 April – NABSC race day 1, followed by NABSA happy hour
Day 3 – Wednesday 6 April – NABSC race day 2, followed by NABSA happy hour

Day 4 – Thursday 7 April – DAY OFF, training, sight-seeing, shopping, etc

Day 5 /1 – Friday 8 April – Worlds registration, due to popular demand competitors will be required to check in and weigh in for each event separately, This will be followed by the Welcome dinner, hosted by NABSA
Day 6 /2 – Saturday 9 April-  Worlds race day 1, followed by NABSA happy hour

Day 7 /3 – Sunday 10 April – Worlds race day 2, followed by NABSA happy hour
Day 8 /4 – Monday 11April – Worlds race day 3, followed by NABSA happy hour

Day 9 / 5 – Tuesday 12 April – DAY OFF, more training, sight-seeing, shopping etc

Day 10/6 – Wednesday 13 April – Worlds race day 4, followed by NABSA happy hour
Day 11 / 7 – Thursday 14 April, Worlds race day 5, followed by the presentation dinner hosted by NABSA.

** note ** this is still a draft and may change, the notice of race will outline the final schedule.


2. Update from NABSA

The North American Blokart Sailing Association (NABSA) is extremely excited to be hosting the 2016 world championships. Already they have a strong team of volunteers, led by Dave Midgley, who are looking forward to helping by providing great social events, and are planning some great meals and happy hours.

Dave "Carnivore" Midgley

Dave “Carnivore” Midgley

There will be an opening cookout on the lake bed (playa) welcoming the international guests to the event, and happy hour each night after racing, also on the playa, where competitors can get together an experience what the NABSA team experiences every year. The locals will be more than happy to share the local secrets that you can explore on the lay days, or after the event, sights like Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire.

The Cook Out 2014

The Cook Out 2014

There are some significant changes to the Ivanpah lake bed in the works in the coming year that will improve access and facilities compared with the 2012 event. A new access road is being constructed that is off the lake bed (more towards the rail line) allowing for an increase in sailing area. Also permanent toilet and picnic facilities are being installed.


Competitors wishing to camp on the lake bed will be welcomed in to “Camp USA” with open arms, and will no doubt be given a unique experience.

Camp USA

Camp USA

NABSA is responsible for the social functions and hosting their international guests, BIL is responsible for all racing and logistics for the event, and as such all enquires or questions regarding the event are to the directed to


 3. Things to do around Ivanpah – For Kids

Should we bring the kids? this is a question we get a lot, many believe that Las Vegas is no place to bring children, some believe that Ivanpah is in the middle of no-where with nothing around. Well here is a list of what there is for kids to do around Ivanpah, we encourage kids to come sail and play, and are sure they will have a ball.

At Ivanpah
* The campsite, this will be a great place for kids to hang out, watch the racing, join in with the happy hour, fly their kites, ride their bikes, sail causally after racing.
* Primm, yes it is a casino town, but there is some (ok a little limited) attractions, at Primm Valley resorts there is the outlet shops, at Buffalo Bills the log ride, roller coaster, the frog hopper and the arcade. There is also the cinema. Children are permitted in the restaurants, and ARE permitted to cross the gaming floor to get to restaurants, shows, and their hotel rooms.
* Nipton, is a great little town located at the southern end of Ivanpah dry lake, it has a great cafe and ice cream shop. Well worth the visit.




Las Vegas

* The casino’s, whilst children are not permitted to gamble, almost all the casino’s have great attractions for kids, ranging from rides, to exhibits, to shows such as Cirque du Soleil.
* Rides;
Stratosphere, 4 massive rides on top of a building…. crazy crazy crazy.
Fremont Flight Lines, Zip lining (flying fox),
Circus Circus, 5 great rids, including an indoor double loop, double cork screw roller coaster, as well as great selection of junior and family rides.
– New York, New York, ride the Manhatten Express, the longest roller coaster in Vegas
* Cirque du Soleil, 8 Shows in Vegas, “O” is simply amazing, kid’s will love it. (under 5 years not permitted)
* M&M World – Yum Yum Yum.
* Video Arcades can be found at; Circus Circus, Exaclibur, New York New York, Game Works, Riviera
* The Strip, just walking down the stip you will see street performers like Spiderman, Sponge bob, Buzz Lightyear etc.
* Town Square, features the children’s park with slides, a hedge maze, merry-go-round, and a children’s theater
* Lied Discovery Children’s Museum, over 100 hands-on exhibits in arts, sciences, nature, musing and humanities.
* Tournament of kings at Excalibur, medieval dinner and show
* Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, Aquarium with sharks, crocodiles, komodo dragons, and octopus.
* The Golden Nugget, Waterside through the shark tank
* Indoor Sky Diving, Much safer for the parents nerves than the real thing
* Dig This, a sponsor of the 2012 worlds, you can dig til your hearts content (14 years and over)
El Dorado Canyon, Tour the gold mine.

Circus Circus Adventuredome - Las Vegas

Circus Circus Adventuredome – Las Vegas

Around Las Vegas

* Cowboy Trail Rides – Horse trekking Red Rock Canyon
* Hoover Dam / Lake Mead – The dam itself is pretty impressive, but there is also Kayaking, and boat rentals.
* Ski Las Vegas – Snow skiing from November to April
* Red Rock Canyon
* The Valley of Fire
* The Grand Canyon

Ski Las Vegas

Ski Las Vegas


A little Further afield

* Disney Land, 3.5 hrs drive
* Universal Studios, 4hrs drive
* Knott’s Berry Farm, 4hrs drive
* Six Flags Magic Mountain, 4hrs drive
* Basket Ball, Ice Hockey, NFL Football, Baseball, take the kids to see an uniquely American Sport
* Beaches, California is the surfing capital of America… get to the beaches around LA, San Diego or even Mexico

Knotts Berry Farm

Knotts Berry Farm

4. Key internet bookmarks

Keep an eye on these websites for details on the 2016 blokart World Championships as we get closer to the event
* Event Website, all the details
* Official notice board, all the rules, NoR, Sailing Instructions etc.
* Facebook page, quick bits of news and trivia about the event
* Competitors forum, somewhere you can discuss the event, the rules, the conditions and what to do and see.

Next issue:

1. 2018 Worlds Update.
2. Things to do around Ivanpah – National Parks.
3. Weather Information – where to get the best forecasts.