2026 Worlds Announcement

At the 2024 Blokart World Championship Prizegiving it was confirmed that the BLSA in conjunction with Blokart International Ltd and IBRA will be hosting the 2026 Blokart World Championships. The event will take place at Llanbedr Airfield, a former RAF base near...

2024 Worlds Results

There was some tough competition. Most divisions completed 8 rounds, which was much less than we hoped for, there was still sufficient to ‘drop’ one race resulting in some close racing. World Blokart Championships Combined Results 2024 (PDF)

Edition 9 IBRA Rules Published

Edition 9 rules will come into effect at events from 1 January 2024, until end of December 2025, after which a new edition of the rules may be published or this edition extended. Only minor changes and corrections have been made to these rules from the previous...

What are Blokarts?

Blokarts are a one design land yacht manufactured in New Zealand and exported around the world.

Visit blokart.com to learn more.

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