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 Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions

The Notice of Race is now available for download

2016 blokart World Championships – Notice of Race – V2.0

The Sailing Instructions can be downloaded here:

2016 blokart World Championships – Sailing Instructions – FINAL

The Volunteer roster for the event can be downloaded here:


 Rental Kart Information

Information on rental karts for the 2016 world championships can be found here:
Rental Kart Information

 IBRA Rules & Interpretations

Can be found over on the IBRA page of this website

 Official IBRA Clarifications / Interpretations

The following clarifications / interpretations have been requested.
The IBRA committee has discussed these at length and take pleasure in issuing the following:

IBRA interpretations 001 to 004 have now been replaced by IBRA rule Edition 5.


OLD (superseded) IBRA interpretations

IBRA-001 Clarification: New BIL foot plates.

Will the new foot plates be available for use by the production class in the
blokart World Championships 2012?

The BIL foot plates are to be ALLOWED for both production and performance
class under the following rule numbers & will be allowed at the blokart World Championships 2012.
Rule B.1: Whilst the footplates are not specifically mentioned in the rules they conform
to rule B.1 as they are a standard blokart International Ltd (BIL part)
Rule B.2: As per rule B.1
Rule B.3: The cut off of three months has been satisfied

 Naturally this continues for the 2014 world championships.

IBRA-002 Interpretation: Use of tape on parts.

Rule B.6.8 falls under the Part B Subsection 6 titled ‘blokart frames”
Can you please confirm if the intention of this is to limit the use of tape to
blokart frames only, or may tape be used on other parts also, such as masts and axels?

The IBRA committee interprets the word “ANY” in the rule to mean any part
of the whole blokart, including masts, sails, axels, wheel or any other part, not just the frame.


IBRA-003 Clarification: Mast Section Order:

Rule B.7.3 states masts must be assembled in the order specified in the normal
assembly instructions, please clarify whether masts may finish with a
Number 2 section at the top?

The normal assembly instructions state that masts are to be assembled in the following order:
5.5m sails: Base, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, Tip.
4.0m sails: Base, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, Tip.
3.0m sails: Base, 3rd, 2nd, Tip.
2.0m sails: Base, 2nd, Tip.

In Performance class, the BIL mast crane may be used (rule B.7.6).
This modifies the assembly instructions to allow a Number 2 section to be
used at the top by inserting the supplied sleeve. In this case an additional
Number 3 section must also be used.

In Production class, the mast crane is not permitted, therefore all masts must finish
with a Tip section at the top. (as per the table above)


IBRA-004 Clarification: Pulley Whip Safety Cord

Can a safety be attached between the pulley whip pulley and the seat back rest to prevent the total lose of mainsheet control when the pulley whip falls out or breaks?

Short Answer: YES

IBRA has met and decided that this safety cord is acceptable under rule B.6.8 “improving fit” and extends the use of tape OR string / rope used to replace broken or lost parts, help secure items in place etc. Provided that it does not add a new function (example: a new sail control)

 Scrutineers Check list 


Attention is drawn to the scrutineering check list at the end of the IBRA edition 5 rules.